Monday, September 5, 2011

Business Rules

In days of old, people feared God,
And obeyed His rules, even when odd;
But since our god’s Mammon,
Why don’t we examine
The source of our current facade?

It turns out, not so long ago,
Burning carbon came to bestow
A new guiding meme
By which we would deem
That to feel good, one had to grow.

Business became the trend setter,
Which led to a cult of the debtor;
This misapplication
For seeking elation
Did not make us feel a lot better.

We constantly try to feel good
But the way there’s not well understood;
It’s not even clear
That we can get near
Only doing the things that we should.

Our internal state, we deduce,
Comes from chemicals which we produce
By things that we do
To beef up our stew
Of good neurotransmitter juice.

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