Saturday, September 3, 2011

Addiction Is Bad, M’kay?

Addiction is oh, so confusing,
Gambling, not eating, and boozing;
It’s what bad people do,
What we should eschew,
When choosing a view for our musing.

At bottom is tissue distress
Which nerves signal us to address;
It makes us feel bad
Or even go mad,
How that works is anyone’s guess.

And then when we suffer malaise
We address it in various ways,
But we deal with the threat
By learning to set
The right neurotransmitters ablaze.

When our inside chemistry’s sad
We try things to make us turn glad:
Physical actions
And mental abstractions,
To make ourselves not feel so bad.

Our behavior develops constriction
Into habits formed out of conviction;
If we have a routine
Then what lies between
Our habits and sinful addiction?

Oil use wasn’t addiction
Till we learned about peak oil affliction;
Driving drunk wasn’t bad
Until we got MADD:
Outside forces shape our conviction.

The bad part is not use compunction
But the way that it causes dysfunction
Which the body directs,
Or else from the effects
Of the ruling class’s injunction.

Morals can cause us to stray
From seeing things science’s way;
The thing to recall
From all of this scrawl
Is addiction is bad, m’kay?

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