Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Fuku Follies

Fuku Bookie

TEPCO, that outfit of clods,
Is going to be moving the rods;
So lay down your dough
On which day she’ll blow,
And ask for my updated odds.

Fukuwatch TV

Watching, with danger so undisguised
Would hardly need to be advertised:
If a dropped rod goes clank
And then the screen’s blank,
The end of the world might be televised.

The Profit

"...Tepco is under pressure to post a profit in the year to March 2014 under a turnaround plan Japan's top banks recently financed with $5.9 billion in new loans and refinancing....";_ylt=A2KJ3CWM8WpSzGkAJRDQtDMD

And somebody or other said, “Speak to us of Doom.
And he replied:

Doom is just one of those fads,
But profit is timeless. And lads:
Since profit is key,
Better not disagree,
Or I’ll kick you right square in the nads.

Fuku Homer

I’m moving the rods, don’t you know?
If I drop one, look out below;
Watch me lift the debris:
All these buttons—let’s see—
I think I’ll push this one. D’oh!

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