Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Near Term Extinction and Kubler-Ross

1 Denial
Pressure will build up within,
Till deniers, to their chagrin,
Learn when everything shatters
That nothing much matters
So fast it makes their heads spin.

2 Anger
Abruptness in learning the deal
Affects anger at loss people feel;
Minds more blown apart
Are more ready to start
An orgy of horror surreal.

3 Bargaining
Bargaining’s sort of a plea
For some kind of get out of jail free,
But with doom more compelling,
There’s no way of telling
How far out the offers might be.

4 Depression
When there’s less time to digest
How seriously everything’s messed,
We’ll see introduction
Of more self-destruction
And what not from being depressed.

5 Acceptance
Support will likely be small
When we smash into the wall;
Doom is complex,
And folks will be wrecks,
With no time to process at all.

So what’s new about this disaster?
It’s simple; there’s not much to master:
It’s our basic foundation
With amplification,
Evolving faster and faster. 

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