Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Noble Savage

E-mail (c. 2013): 

I don’t like how people behave,
There is nothing here that I crave;
But I’m sure I would glow
Living long long ago—
I wish I were back in a cave.

Cave painting, (c. 32,000 years ago): 

The economy’s bad, I would say,
We struggle from day to day;
Each day’s a repeat:
We go hunting for meat—
I wish we could pile food away.

The higher-ups like to harass
When we go out to hunt in the grass;
Whatever I do,
If it’s old or it’s new,
The team captain chews on my ass.

Our government sucks, it’s a rat,
The dominant guys get the fat,
The Crones got their tricks,
The Elders are dicks,
And the Old One, he thinks he’s all that.

The wife, well, you know how that goes,
She wants a new bone for her nose,
And leopard-skin clothes—
If she washed, I suppose
She still wouldn’t smell like a rose.

There’s a rumor that working the soil
Is the next stage—that’s even MORE toil!
It’s all a disaster,
I wish time went faster,
I wish we had something like oil.

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