Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monopoly Game

Stay free at the choicest doomsteads:
The oranges, yellows and reds,
Where likely the strongest
Will hold out the longest
Once the collapse really spreads.

Community Chest and Chance pick,
Distractions, the next media trick;
Railroads: a bore,
Unless someone owns four—
Then you get fucked pretty quick.

Utilities, parking, taxes—I’ve scored:
They don’t kill, can be safely ignored;
Pass go on your way
And earn weekly pay,
Working your ass round the board.

In jail you can miss turns in style
And get some relief for awhile;
Next throw of the dice,
Hope fate will be nice
To struggles that lifetimes compile.

The token you choose when you play:
Really, who are you anyway?
Go broke and death knocks,
Pieces back in the box,
Game over—extinction—m’kay?

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