Monday, November 19, 2012

Predation, Starvation, or Suicide

Our living depends on predation:
Without it, we end in starvation;
If those don’t look good,
The other choice would
Be to end it with self-termination.

H/T: Daniel at Nature Bats Last 


  1. Perhaps I can int'rest you in VHEMT:
    This perhaps could suit third intent.
    It's not much to ask
    To take Man to task
    For the layers, on Earth, of excrement.

  2. Good one! But at my age I’m counting on things to pretty much take care of themselves. :D

  3. Being VHEMT is a state of mind.
    Use this link and then you will find
    You need only refrain
    From procreating again
    There's no check if you're, uh... 'non-aligned' ;)

  4. Good one, but I’ve come to believe we don’t have that much time left.

  5. If there's not even time left to laugh
    I might as well not have a bath
    Might as well take a seat
    And no longer eat.
    No more a full life, just a half?

  6. Dude—read what Daniel wrote titled:
    Random thoughts on NTE
    Do “find” for the title on this page: