Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Fuckit Slump

Oil’s running low at the pump,
Not due to some interim hump;
We’re ready to quit
‘Cause we don’t give a shit,
And we enter the Fuckit Slump.

Starvation hits, nobody’s plump,
Global warming beats on our rump;
When it doesn’t mean squat
That it’s getting too hot,
We’re into the Fuckit Slump.

Air wafts by a nuclear dump,
We inhale a plutonium lump;
Fresh air provides
To go with the Fuckit Slump.

It’s all of us, you’re not a chump,
The boiling frog still doesn’t jump;
Let’s be succinct:
We’re going extinct,
So we’re doing the Fuckit Slump.

H/T: comrade simba, Lexicographer of Doom

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