Sunday, October 2, 2011

Peak Oil Is Godzilla

(Questioning the seriousness of doom in a peak oil forum usually stimulates a predictable response, sometimes in the form of humorous ridicule and silliness. When somebody wrote “Peak Oil does not mean Godzilla will come to your city,” the piling on included these verses and a plastic Godzilla puppet. The entire original thread is at: .)

As a slightly smarter gorilla,
Caught twixt Charybdis and Scylla,
We have limited clout;
Again nature points out
The folly of men. Godzilla!

I’m Peak Oil, I’m comin to getcha,
You’ll change your tune soon, you betcha;
Watch my tail coil!
Peak Oil! Peak Oil!
Your life’ll change after I’ve metcha.

I’m P.O. Godzilla! Recoil!
My breath can make any meat broil;
Prepare your obit,
I don’t give a shit—
Now hear me: Peak Oil! Peak Oil!

Hello! I’m P.O. Godzilla!
Much scarier than Attila;
My breath creates heat,
But wait till you meet
A.G.W. Godzilla!

P.O. Godzilla’s my name,
If you think you’re upset that I came,
The next to trouble you
Is A.G.W.
Godzilla, who puts me to shame.

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